Spirit Star Oceania

The Story So Far

Yuriko, ghost detective, heads to the big city (actually a fishing town) to find her fortune. Shadowy beings lead her to a cave outside of town, where she finds a strange machine, and some men. After beating up the men and wrecking the machine, she is defeated by Jak Li, and awakens tied up deeper in the cave. She frees herself, and defeats and ties up Mr. Jordan, the leader of these men.

Riptide, a.k.a “Rip”, a large whale-man, leaves the big city (actually a big city) to explore inland. He finds a village troubled by spirits, and determines that a young woman named “Eureka” may be the cause. He tracks her to a nearby fishing town, and to a cave outside of town.

The two meet in the cave, discuss things, and question Mr. Jordan a bit. Yuriko heads to the entrance of the cave to talk to the shadows, who don’t seem to know much. Rip follows.

The story is just beginning …


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