The world of Oceania is, as its name suggests, mostly water. Any kingdoms that exist lay claim to a piece of the small land masses present. Independent towns and villages exist between the kingdoms, and on the various islands dotting the Great Ocean.

The small area you are in is separated from the rest of the world by high mountains, disorienting fog clouds, walls of floating rocks, and a gigantic waterfall in the middle of the ocean.

There are rare ships that enter the area from outside; they haven’t shared the way they can safely pass through the fog clouds. Rumors of the outside world abound: giant turtles, magma seas, rainbow clouds, and the like. But the most persistent rumor is that of The Spirit Star. Legend says that the one who finds it will be granted any wish he or she wants. Many are those who search for it. Will you join them?

Character Guidelines

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Spirit Star Oceania

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